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Chris Tidball

Insurance Claims Innovation Host,

Chris Tidball

Welcome to the Insurance Claims Innovation Podcast, a groundbreaking platform where the intricacies of insurance, especially subrogation, are explored and redefined. Hosted by Chris Tidball, an industry veteran with a deep understanding of the nuances of insurance claims, this podcast is not just a conversation—it's a journey into the heart of insurance innovation.

Why Tune In?

  • Subrogation Spotlight: Dive deep into the world of subrogation, uncovering opportunities and strategies that many miss.

  • Expert Insights: Gain knowledge from top insurance professionals who have mastered the art of maximizing recoveries and streamlining claims processes.

  • Innovative Approaches: Learn about cutting-edge techniques and technologies reshaping how subrogation claims are handled.

Seeking Industry Trailblazers

We're looking for:

  • Leaders in insurance claims and subrogation, eager to share their expertise and innovative practices.

  • High-profile professionals from companies with substantial annual revenues, ready to discuss their journey in scaling and optimizing claims.

  • Visionaries keen on improving subrogation outcomes efficiently and effectively.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Focused Expertise: With Chris Tidball's extensive background, our discussions are rich with specialized knowledge and practical insights.

  • Subrogation at the Forefront: We zero in on the complexities and opportunities unique to subrogation, offering content you won't find anywhere else.

  • A Network of Innovators: Join a community where the brightest minds in insurance claims come together to set new industry benchmarks.

Be a Part of the Change

Your experience and insights in subrogation could be the key to unlocking new potentials in the industry. If you're a leader shaping the future of insurance claims, we want to hear from you on the Insurance Claims Innovation Podcast.

Interested in being a guest and sharing your subrogation success story?

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